Pierre Moscovici (Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs – Taxation and Customs – European Commission)
on Powershoots TV “Positive Energy in Europe”
Interview by Alexander Louvet

Today it’s a great pleasure to welcome Pierre Moscovici on Powershoots TV.
I’m very happy that this interview comes right from the Audio-Visual Studios of the European Commission in Brussels and would like to thank everybody very much, to make this interview possible.

In this interview we talk about :
– work of the commissioner & benefit of this work for citizens in Europe
– the end of the crisis in Greece
– equal Taxes in Europe
– digital money
– Future of Europe

All info around the great news & explication from the European Commission you find here.

Thanks EUROPA.blog for the kind article with german explications around this top news
See the full article around this interview here.

EU-Kommissar Pierre Moscovici im Interview mit Alexander Louvet