ZIA (Die Immobilienwirtshaft): EU DIGITAL-DIALOG
Die europäische Digital-Agenda-Sackgasse oder Weg in die digitale Zukunft ?
Highlight photos of this great event at the Representation of NRW in Brussels.
Axel Voss
Ø #dataprotection has to allow for #innovation
Ø The #europeanunion needs courage and a plan to compete with the US and China
Ø A steady committee in the #europeanparliament should make fast-track recommendations on key policy areas to react quicker to a fast-pace #digitaleconomy
Werner Stengg
Ø The EU never had such a courageous and green #digitalstrategy
Ø Europe has to, and will, be in a position to use #bigdata. The will is there, the money, too.
Ø Four areas to concentrate on: #infrastructure#digitalskills#Digitalisation of companies and of #publicadministration
Ø Citizens are concerned about the use of their data. Its protection is not a concept of the 80ies.
Sarah Maria Schlesinger
Ø The EU should avoid the #fintechs trap: Quick marketpositionning was not possible, due to data protection and lacking access to #capitalraising
Ø Europe’s economy is far too dependant on bank-, rather than markets- and #venturecapital-financing
Ø Prioritising data protection over #climatechange is a disaster

Marco Hofmann
Ø #innovation means connecting and cooperation.
Ø #realestate needs to think more in #digitalecosystems
Ø #transformation does not only require #technology, but also implementation
Ø For that, skilled staff in companies is badly needed

Martin Rodeck
Ø The world needs better buildings – more comfort, less CO2
Ø Its reduction is not possible without #digitalisation.

Many thanks to the panelists and the amazing teams of ZIA Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss e.V. and Landesvertretung Nordrhein-Westfalen bei der EU for their great support and to more than 200 participants online.

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