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  Castex Françoise

Françoise Castex : member of Parti Socialiste (PS – Socialist Party), part of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament. Member TRAN - S&D Group
exclusive photos with Dominique Riquet - Brian Simpson - Guillaume Pepy ...

  Caveri Luciano Ex - Member of the European Parliament - President of the RETT

CDU 2015

CDU - 70 Jahre CDU: Brüssel - 01 07 2015
exclusive photos : Günther Oettinger (EU Kommisar Digitale Agenda) -
David McAllister (European Parliament) - Johannes Jung (Leiter der Vertretung Baden-Württemberg)
Tim Peters (Leiter CDU Büro Brüssel)


  CEN - CENELEC - ETSI CEN - CENELEC - ETSI Conference - 03 November Crown Plaza / Brussels
Mr Karsten Meinhold ;Mr Roel Gans ; Mr Rüdiger Helm ; Mr Martin Burkhardt ;
Mr Cees Deelen ; Klaus Vedder ; Mr Michel Hennemand ; Mr Dunikowski ; Mr Henri Monceau ;
Mr L.C. Vrignaut ; Mrs Danuse Marusicova .....
exclusive photos

  CEOC 2016

7th International Safety Conference (Hotel Stanhope - 08 11 2016)
How to ensure product safety in a global market?
including exclusive photos
Drewin Nieuwenhuis
, CEOC International - Simo Hassi, President, CEOC International
James Woudhuysen, Professor of Forecasting and Innovation - Marcello Manca, Vice-President, Government and Industry Affairs, UL 
Pierre de Ruvo, Secretary General & CEO, ETICS - Laura Shields, Director, The Media Coach 
Hans Ingels, Head of Unit, DG Growth, European Commission - Stephan Schmitt, Chief International Officer, TÜV Rheinland Holding AG
Nicolaas Olie, Executive Director, PROSAFE - Massimiliano Guzzini, Vice-President, iGuzzini illuminazione S.p.A & President of ASSIL, Association of Italian Lighting Manufacturers
Álvaro Silva Ribeiro, President, EUROLAB


  CEOC 2013

CEOC - Annual Confence - 27 11 2013
including exclusive photos of : Malcolm Harbour (Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee chairman, European Parliament) -
Simo Hassi (CEOC International President) - Richard Nelson (IFIA President) - Paul Cartwright (Managing Director, Chilworth Holdings Ltd / DEKRA) -
Estelle Clark (Group Safety and Business Assurance Director, Lloyd’s Register) -Philippe Portalier (Standardisation and Technical Policy Manager, Orgalime)
Bastien Caillard (European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety Safer Products and Industrial Installations in a Globalising World)
Jirí Sobola (EUROLAB President) - Magnus Holmgren (Quality Manager, SP—Technical Research Institute of Sweden) -
Stephen Russell (Secretary General, ANEC –The European consumer voice in standardisation) - Gitte Schjøtz (Chairwoman UL/IFIA Consumer Products Committee)
Jens Butenandt (Vice President/Director at TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH) - Neven Mimica (European Commissioner for Consumer Policy)


  CEOC 2012

CEOC - 3rd CEOC International Safety Seminar 2012 - Residence Palace - 06 11 2012
“Safety and Risks of New Products and Emerging Technologies”
including exclusive photos :Simo Hassi (CEOC president) - Pol Hoorelbeke (Vice President Safety Division TOTAL Refining & Chemicals) - Ivanka Visnjic (Assistant Professor Business School ESADE and Business model lead, Cambridge Service Alliance) - Ralph Kehrbaum (Manager for Engineering Underwriting of Corporate Clients in Germany Technical Insurance HDI Gerling) - Gitte Schjøtz (Chairwoman IFIA Consumer Products Committee) - Stefanie Roth (EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, DG SANCO)Christel Schaldemose (MEP, Member of the IMCO committee) - Jacqueline Minor (Director Consumer Affairs, DG SANCO)

  CEOC 2010

CEOC - Conference 2010
exclusive photos

  CER - SNCF - Debate 2012

SNCF - CER - Debate - Brussels - 19 06 2011
Social harmonisation and transfer of staff in rail and urban transport
exclusive photos : Alain FLAUSCH, Director General, UITP- Guy GREIVELDING , President of the railway section, ETF - Werner BAYREUTHER, Director general of AGV MoVe –- Armindo SILVA, Director for employment, social legislation and socialdialogue, DG Employment, social affairs and inclusion - Stéphane Desselas, Athenora Consulting - · L&E GLOBAL ..

  CER - SNCF - Dinner 2012

SNCF - CER - Dinner - Brussels - 19 06 2011
exclusive photos : Saïd El Khadraoui,
S&D coordinator for transport - European Parliament · L&E GLOBAL, European network of law firms specialised in social law - André MORDANT, member of the European Economic and Social Committee - TEN section · Libor LOCHMAN, Executive Director, CER · Jean-Eric PAQUET, Director, European Mobility Network, DG MOVE


2012 European Railway Award and Annual Reception ( 08 February 2012)
including exclusive photos of : Siim Kallas (Commissioner & Commission Vice-President) - Brian Simpson (European Parliament - Chairman of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee) - Karel Vinck (ERTMS - Political Award Laureate) - Francois Lacôte (Alstom - Technical Award Laureate) ...


CER All Events

  CESA 2011

CESA - Annual Reception 2011 - 01 03 2011
including exclusive photos of : Bernhard Meyer (CESA Chairman) - Daniel Calleja Crespo (Deputy Director General DG Enterprise & Industry) - Govert Hamers (CEO of IHC Merwede, Chairman of Waterborne TP) - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Krüger (Hamburg University of Technology) - Peter Scherrer (General Secretary of European Metalworkers’ Federation) - John B. Richardson (FIPRA International) ...


CESA - The Futur of the European Shipbuilding Industry - 24 06 2010
including exclusive photos of : Andrea COZZOLINO, S&D MdEP - Ville ITÄLA, MdEP EPP - Marian KRZAKLEWSKI, Shipbuilding Rapporteur of the European Economic and Social Committee - Erwin SELLERING, Prime Minister Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Heino BADE, European Metalworkers’ Federation, Chairman of EMF Shipbuilding Committee - Bernard MEYER, Chairman Community of European Shipyards’ Associations
Christian GIRARD, Converteam - Ruth PASERMAN, European Commission, Cabinet Vice-President Tajani - Reinhard Lüken (Secretary General CESA)... and many more


CESA - European Parliament & Committee of the Regions - 08 04 2010
Hand-over of the Joint Declaration to EP President - Jerzy Buzek - J.Ramon F. Cienfuegos (Permanent Representation of Spain) - Gerhard Stahl (Secretary General of the Committee of the Regions) - Johann Friedrich Colsman (Member of the Cabinet of Vice-President Tajani) .... by Reinhard Boest (Director of the Representation of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) - Enrique Calvet Chambon (Co-Rapporteur of the Shipbuilding Opinion of the CCMI) - Ruud van den Bergh (Chairman of the Shipbuilding Group with the European Metalworkers' Federation)- Reinhard Lüken (Secretary General of the Community of European Shipyards' Associations) ...

CESA - All Events

CESA - All Events
exclusive photos

Chatzimarkakis Jorgo

Dr. Jorgo Chatzimarkakis - MEP / Rapporteur on CARS 21 - A Competitive Automotive Regulatory Framework
exclusive photos

  Chevreux Diane General Secretary : EFIP (European Federation of Inlandports)
exclusive interview photos

  Cimoli Giancarlo Chairman CER

  Citroen Philippe

Director General UNIFE
exclusive interview photos - January 2012

  Clausecker Michael

Michael Clausecker (General Director - UNIFE)
exclusive photos with André Navarri - Jacques Barrot ....


CLECAT 2016 - Freight Forwarders Forum - 16 11 2016

Steve Parker, CLECAT President - Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General, DG MOVE
Alain Lumbroso, Economist, International Transport Forum (ITF) - Christian Doepgen, Editor in Chief, International Transport Journal
Kester Meijer, Director Operational Integrity and Division Safety & Quality Manager, KLM Cargo - Markus Flacke, Managing Director of CHAMP Cargosystems GmbH
Lothar Moehle, Director Security Standardisation, DB Schenker - Uwe Glaser, President, Cargomind
Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director of CargoiQ - Steven Polmans, Head of Cargo, Sales & Marketing Brussels Airport Company
Markus Muecke, Global Head Air Freight Procurement and product management, Panalpina - Rob Dekkers, Global Logistics and Distribution Leader, GE Healthcare
Luc De Bliek, Deputy Director for Procedures and Facilitation, World Customs Organization - Gordon Wright, Head Cargo Border Management, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Andreas Wilhelm, Global Security Manager, SGI MQ-S, Kuehne + Nagel Management AG - Manuela Cabral, Head of Unit, B/2 Risk Management and Security DG TAXUD



CLECAT - FFF 2014 - Freight Forwarders Forum 2014 - WCO Brussels - 06 11 2014
Prof. Dr. J. Rod Franklin, Adjunct Professor of Logistics, Kühne Logistics University -
Marc Huybrechts, President CLECAT - Gesine Meissner, Member of the European Parliament
Jeroen Eijsink, CEO DHL Freight Germany - Yves Fargues, President, TLF - Frank Knoors, Managing Director, Logit One NV
Sandro Santamato (Head of Unit Maritime Transport and Logistics, DG MOVE, European Commission)
Nik Delmeire, European Shippers Council - Astrid Schlewing, European Commission DG Move) - Raymond Schraff, Director of Global Trade Solutions, Hyland Software - Donald Tan, Technical Officer, WCO - David Hesketh, Senior Business Manager at HM Revenue and Customs, UK
Tom Fernihough, Senior Operations Manager, Metro Shipping Ltd - Hans Driessen, Director International Trade, Océ-Technologies B.V

including exclusive photos



European organisation for forwarding and logistics: All Archives / Events

  Climate Express - Copenhagen 2009

Climate Express - Copenhagen - 2009 - 05 08 2009
Today the Climate Express left Brussels for Copenhagen 2009 ...
More updates will follow ... you can always contact me for urgend requests ...

including exclusive photos of Brussels...

  CNC - Annual Reception

CNC - Annual Reception- 31 03 09
including exclusive photos ...

  Cocilovo Luigi Member of the European Parliament
Delegation to the EU-Malta Joint Parliamentary Committee : 21- 01-04

  Colle Rudy Director General UIRR

  Confetra - DSLV - TLF - KNV / meeting with Jacques Barrot
Confetra - DSLV - TLF - KNV / meeting with commissioner Jacques Barrot 20 06 06 Brussels
including photos of :H. Cornède (secretaris TLF) - E. Runia (secretaris KNV Goederenvervoer)
A. Fauqueur (voorzitter TLF) - J. Barrot (Eurocommissaris) - W.H.G. Vos (vice-voorzitter KNV Goederenvervoer)
Ir. W.N.C. Heeren (voorzitter KNV Goederenvervoer) - V. Lannutti (bestuurslid Confetra) - Dr. G. Schild (algemeen secretaris DSLV)

  Costa Paolo Chairman of RETT Committee - European Parliament
photos with Mr Brennan, Mrs De Palacio - Mr Ludewig - Mr Cimoli

  Cramer Michael
Fraktion Die Grünen / EFA : European Parliament
exclusive photos

  Csillag Istavan Hungarian Transport Minister

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