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  Paquet Jean-Eric

Jean-Eric Paquet (European Commission - former - Director European Mobility Network) - interview photos - 21 10 2011
... exclusive photos ....

Pasquarelli Enrico Grillo

Enrico Grillo Pasquarelli, former - Head of Inland Transport in the European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy & Transport
exclusive photos

  Peijs Karla former Transportminister Netherlands - Visiting the European Parliament 31 - 08 - 04
exclusive photos with Mr Jarzembowski - Mr Stockmann - Mr Grosch - Mr Costa - Mr Shackleton ..............

  Peijs Karla former Minister of transport - Netherlands
exclusive photos with Mr Van Miert & Mr Grosch

  Pepy Guillaume

Guillaume Pepy - SNCF President
exclusive photos with Rüdiger Grube (DB) - Matthias Ruete (EC) - Brian Simpson (EP - S&D) -Francoise Grossetete - Dominique Riquet (PPE - TRAN) - Mathieu Grosch (PPE) - Jean-Michel Dancoisne (SNCF) - Isabelle Durant (Member BUDG - sup. TRAN) - Nathalie Griesbeck - Silvia-Adriana Ticau (EC - S&D) - Francoise Castex ( (S&D) - Ines-Ayala Sender (S&D) -

Piebalgs Andris

Andris Piebalgs : former Energy Commissioner
exclusive interview photos 2008

Piebalgs - Riman Press Conference

Russia/Ukraine Gas dispute and EU implications : Press Conference 08 01 09
Press conference by Commissioner Piebalgs Andris (Energy) and Czech Minister Martin Riman (of Industry and Trade) on the current state of play of the gas dispute.

Piecyk Willi European Parliament, Member (Federal Republic of Germany)
I'm very said to let you know that Willi Piecyk has died this thursday 31 07 08 .... more info will follow
exclusive interview photos with Mr Jarzembowski Georg & Mr Anomeritis & Mr Van Miert

  Pischetsrieder Bernd Chief Executive Officer, Volkswagen AG
exclusive interview photos with : Mr Pischetsrieder - Mr Busquin - Mrs De Palacio - Mr Routs

  Pol Marek former Polish Transport Minister

  Pöttering Hans-Gert

Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering : former President of the European Parliament
exclusive photos

  Pontoppidan Knud director Ecsa Denmark
exclusive photos with Mrs De Palacio & Mr Guinier

Potosnik Janez

Janez Potosnik
former - Commissionner for Science and Research
exclusive photos

  Presecnik Jakop Vice Chairman Slovenian Transport Minister

  Prokopovic Pavol former Slovakian Transport Minister

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