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Paintings & Photos
“Positive Energy in Europe”

On this page you can see some examples of photos & paintings.
Related to my TV channel Powershoots TV “Positive Energy in Europe” many paintings & photos are related to Europe.
My aim is, to present the “Positive Energy in Europe” in all possible ways.
Inspired by flowers over & underwater in a coral reef and lights in the sky.
I only paint and take photos when I feel good and wanna share this Positive Energy with you …
IMPORTANT : You have to click on the image to see the real size of the paintings or photos.

Feel free to contact me for any exhibition in your Gallery, company or office.

“La Terrassa Villa” – EU Art Gallery

Interview Isabelle Weykmans (Minister für Kultur und Sport, Beschäftigung & Medien der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft Belgiens)

Exhibition : Alexander Louvet “Aqua Dreams”
St. Vith 01 10 2022 – 01 11 2022


Exhipition : DAN CARON “Mon Chemin”
St. Vith 15 01 2022 – 15 02 2022

St.Vith : Exhibition EU Art Gallery – “Future of Europe”
15 11 2021 – 01 12 2021

Ausstellung – LYDIA Lentz & Manuela Kleyens
St. Vith 08 08 2021 – 09 09 2021

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