On Wednesday, 31 January 2024 at 6.30 PM I would like to invite you to a FASHION SHOW, which will take place under the Auspices of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU and the Ukrainian Civil Society Hub in Brussels in the Cercle Royal Gaulois, Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Brussels representing Slavonic esthetics, style and creativity of Ukraine. 
The Ukrainian stylist NE KA will present her new creations joining modern style and tradition.
 At the same time, this event marks the inauguration of the EUROPEAN SLAVONIC COOPERATION NETWORK (ESCN – https://www.european-slavonic-cooperation-network.eu) in Brussels initiated by the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement and intended to connect the democratic and freely thinking Slavonic countries and peoples in Europe, which we presented to you last year on 22 June in the EU Council.
The ESCN has the objective to reinforce the constructive and peaceful collaboration of the democratic Slavonic peoples and create a new cooperation spirit in Central & Eastern Europe. One of the specific current goals of the ESCN will be the support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in its battle against the Russian invader and its struggle for reconstruction and integration within the European Union.

Press Release – SLAVONIC EUROPE – FAHSION SHOW Touch of Art – EU Ambassador, EU Commissioner – 31 January 2024

The SLAVONIC EUROPE (SE) Foundation organised a large FASHION SHOW in Brussels with the Ukrainian fashion designer NE KA: It inaugurated the newly founded EUROPEAN SLAVONIC COOPERATION NETWORK (ESCN) in the presence of H.E. EU Ambassador of Ukraine,Vsevolod CHENTSOV, and the EU Commissioner for Environment and Maritime Affairs,Virginijus SINKEVIČIUS Brussels, Wednesday, 31 January 2024 – Last week, the SLAVONIC EUROPE (SE) Foundation hosted a Slavonic FASHION SHOW by the Ukrainian designer NE KA, entitled TOUCH OF ART, under the patronage of H.E. EU Ambassador of Ukraine Vsevolod CHENTSOV and the UKRAINIAN CIVIL SOCIETY HUB in Brussels at the prestigious Cercle Royal Gaulois. The event was particularly honoured by the personal presence of Virginijus SINKEVIČIUS, Member of the European Commission responsible for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries.Greetings were conveyed from the President of the European Parliament, Mrs Roberta METSOLA MEP, and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of the European Commission, MrJosep BORRELL FONTELLES.The town of Vetschau / Wětošow in Spreewald, Brandenburg, Germany, seat of the SLAVONIC CASTLE Lusatia, was invited as guest of honour and was represented on this international podium by Mr Gunther SCHMIDT, Chairman of the City Council.
The Ukrainian fashion designer NE KA presented her latest creations to an international audience of more than 400 guests, combining modern style with tradition and showcasing Slavonic aesthetics and creativity of Ukraine, presented by 32 Ukrainian and Slavonic models.At the same time, this event marked the inauguration of the brand new EUROPEAN SLAVONIC COOPERATION NETWORK (ESCN) in Brussels, launched by SLAVONIC EUROPE in order to connect democratic and free-thinking Slavonic countries and peoples in Europe in order to strengthen their constructive and peaceful co-operation and create a new spirit of togetherness. One of the main objectives of the ESCN is to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in their struggle against the Russian invaders and in their endeavours to rebuild their country and integrate into the European Union.A European tour of the FASHION SHOW is planned and the next station of TOUCH OF ART, which offers a Slavonic music theatre as a sensual total work of art, is to take place this year in the SLAVONIC CASTLE Lusatia in Vetschau / Wětošow in Spreewald, Brandenburg, Germany. The other stations of the European tour already in preparation are Prague, Paris and London.For photos, videos and futher information, please consult the following links:

BACKGROUND: The SLAVONIC EUROPE (SE) Movement was founded in Brussels in 2016 by its current chairman David CHMELÍK, a Czech-German citizen. As a civil society initiative, SE is committed to the cooperation of all democratic and free-thinking Slavs and the visibility of their culture and creativity in the broadest sense on an international level.
+32 472 34 01 09 – david.chmelik@slavonic-europe.org

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